Saturday, June 10, 2006


I was inspired by my co-worker's nuptials.

And so, in a moment of spontaneity, I asked ME to marry myself. And I said YES!!!
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Check out my gorgeous engagement ring I got for myself!
After Judy's wedding I had to wait a week to propose to myself, because I had to get the ring sized to fit my finger. But still, it really was a surprise when me asked me to marry myself. I cried.

Since then, everytime I see my ring I'm enthralled. It's so shiny.
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It makes me happy to look at it, and really,...I need all the happy I can get. This last week was trying.

Regardless, I think me and myself will be very happy! Wish us luck!
Oh, and my ring was purchased at this shop, with this unfortunate name:
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Anonymous said...

Your last few posts have been excellent! Keep up the good writing!

John McCrarey said...

Best wishes for a happy life together... :)

Reminds me of a Jackson Browne tune:

"Rosie you're alright
You wear my ring
When you hold me tight
Rosie that's my thing
When you turn out the light
I've got to hand it to me
Looks like it's you and me again tonight

Although obviously it's got more meaning for a man. Who misses his wife. Sigh.

sher said...

Ah, I love the ring!! I know you'll both be so happy together.

Iceberg said...

Congratulations on your wedding. Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Jelly said...

Thanks. guys! Doesn't anyone have anything witty to say about the shop?