Monday, February 19, 2007

About Me

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The my name is CCALONG-GIRLS.

This is my philosophy:
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"Delay of all people who is the possibility of meeting from Korea where the example bedspread. my hobby comes to grip in the person wild hand and the world to go sightseeing. It does always and pretty in order it is loved in the many people and 'CCALONG-GIRLS.'"

This is my mission statement:
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"He is the me tony comp peple mix all over the com"

There. Now I feel like you know me better.


Yonsu said...

LMAO. I was just in tears from laughing so hard. I really enjoy reading your blog. In fact, it is one that I check daily. I feel the need to thank you.

Though, sometimes I think you'd be a lot happier if you lived in a less rural area.. like Busan or Seoul.

Jelly said...

A-fricken-men, brother,...or sister!
Thank you for reading, though!

yonsu said...

Thank you for writing. I've actually been checking your blog daily for months now.
Do you have any plans to move within the country once your contract expires? I think you'd really enjoy it in the city..

Jelly said...

Hey Yonsu -
I don't know what my plans are right now, but yes,...if I decide to do another year, I think a change would do me good. If not to a city in Korea, then maybe Japan or China or, who knows?
Are you in Korea?

yonsu said...

No, I live in America. But I have been to Seoul, and it is a city that I thoroughly enjoyed.