Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let's Walk to Work Again

I walked to work again today, because that's what I do on Tuesdays. Yesterday's post was pretty grim, so I decided to snap a few new pictures today. The walk isn't all bad at all. I get to say hello to people a bunch of times. People love to say hello to me here! The street on the way to work is bordered, part of the way, by a great big hill that blooms continually from the spring through the fall. (It's pretty brown and sparse right now, so I didn't take a picture.) The road is also lined with cherry blossom trees, and in a few short weeks the white and pink petals will float down over me as I walk beneath them.

Here's the temple roof on the way.
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Here's the mountains in the distance.
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John suggested in the comments that I take an alternate route to avoid the dead dog, and I thought about that - but I would miss having Good Boy walk me to school, so I walked the same route. And here's Good Boy and - wait, who's this with him?
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A puppy! It might be his puppy. Maury Povitch in unavailable for a "Who dis puppy daddy?" paternity test, so we don't know. Regardless, this puppy just showed up last week, and was very shy. Now, though, that the puppy has figured out I've got treats, he is friendly as anything!
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That's a blurry tail wagging!

And puppy does tricks!
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Too frickin' cute.

So we trotted along and even though I promised myself I wouldn't look for the flat dog, I couldn't help myself - and BONUS - it was gone!
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Just some fur where it used to be.

Things were looking up. Even Flatty Flair has a buddy.
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Strawberries and bananas, a perfect pair - sliced up nice with a little cold water, a splash of lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar. Delicious.
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Puppy and Good Boy, Flatty Flair and Chair, strawberries and bananas, all partners. All buddies. All ready for Valentine's Day.

And this was outside getting some sun at the entrance to my school.
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It's for you.
Happy Love Day!

1 comment:

John McCrarey said...

Definitely a much nicer walk this morning.

You know, I have been meaning to walk to work three times a week for the exercise. But if you keep this up I can just walk with you and save the effort.

Maybe you could even start a service where folks would pay you to walk to work for them.

Happy VD!