Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Door Breaker

For over TWO hours now, a man has been going nuts outside an apartment below me. My guess is he's been locked out by someone named Min-soo. In an effort to get back inside, he's been kicking the shit out of the door. I went outside a few times, considering telling him to knock it off, but I decided against it. After over an hour, and an especially long bout of pounding - I went out of my apartment and he got kind of quiet. I heard his footsteps descending the stairs.

He went to a car parked right underneath me, opened the trunk, went underneath the floor of the trunk and started rooting around for something. I thought, "Uh oh, he's getting a tire iron out!" But he didn't. He fetched some kind of pouch. It was grey. I don't know what it is. Then he came back upstairs and spoke quietly and tensely at length into the closed door. Most sentences began with "Min-soo ya,...." While he spoke, he set about dismantling the punch-in lock on the door. I know this, because the next time he went down to his car - to warm up, I think - I went down one flight of stairs and walked across the length of the 3rd floor hallway and then hurried back up the other set of stairs and headed back toward my apartment. He has made one big mess of that door! The motion detection lights in the stairwell gave me away, though, and when I glanced over the side, he was staring up at me from the parking lot below.

Things have been quiet outside since I've been typing this, but I'm too nervous to go out and see if he's gone. If he was standing outside my apartment listening to the clicking of these keys I'd have a bloody heart attack.

I'm on to him, but he knows I'm on to him. But I'm on to him knowing I'm on to him.
But hopefully it's all off.

Valentine's Day, is grand.


Kevin said...

That's pretty damn creepy.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is creepy. But, the way you end the story (last paragraph) had me laughing out loud. Keep up the great writing!