Thursday, February 15, 2007

All's Quiet

Doorbreaker's gone. (Just a few minutes ago, actually.) I don't think anybody is inside the apartment. Maybe the fancy lock that's smashed to bits now was broken. Who knows? It's all a mystery.
I like typing in New Blogger's font.
I've got an infected tastebud on the back left side of my tongue. It's swollen and ugly.
It feels strange and not good.
That's what's happening now. In 10 minutes, ZZZZ's will be made.


Kevin said...

Health check!

How's yer tongue doing now?


John McCrarey said...

Time to wake up Jenn...

Hard to imagine three days gone and nil to blog about (for example, you could blog about there being nothing to blog about for three damn days).

Just another selfish reader looking for a cheap thrill perhaps, but I do hope you are ok and will be back soon.