Monday, February 26, 2007

Not a Happy Camper

Well. I didn't have a fantastic week. Since I had Monday and Tuesday off, it was a short work week - which was fine by me. I'm not going to elaborate here, but I'm sad about a few things. A couple issues in particular have been gnawing at me. With those, and the fact that I've been feeling lonesome and just kind of vulnerable - it's not making for a really special time.

I went into work on Wednesday and Jane asked me what I was planning on doing once my contract is up. (Fifteen weeks, baby!) I told her I didn't know. She said she hoped I would sign on for another year. She wants me to be working there as long as she's working there. That was nice to hear, and when I asked her why, she said it was because I'm a good teacher. I said, "Yes, that, and you looooove me. Admit it!" She laughed.

Later in the day I had a break and we were alone in the Teacher's Room, talking about life and relationships and such. I was moaning a bit about how I've been feeling and she said, "Listen, I'm going to tell you something, but it might hurt your feelings." I said, "Oh Christ, please don't! I just told you I was feeling down, perhaps you can save your 'constructive criticism' for when I can handle it better!" She pouted, saying she wasn't going to tell me at all, then. I told her that was fine, too.

I was anticipating finally having "The Talk" with my boss about tax and pension. I've been pressuring her a bit for the last couple weeks. Friday was another anniversary of since I'd brought these issues up. FOUR months ago. And we've gotten nowhere. So on Friday I was a bit shocked that Jane told me she had something to speak to me about. She hasn't been involved in these things at all, and I've made sure I haven't mentioned any of it to her. It really should be between the boss and I. I resent having to involve Jane as a mediator. It takes twice as long with me talking to her, her reporting to Karen, Karen talking to her, and Jane reporting back to me. WTF?

So - sheesh, I'll spare you most of the details. It seems like my boss is willing to admit I'm paying too much tax, but is still in the "tough shit" realm. I was told we could make pension contributions backdated from when I first brought it up and ongoing until June. Whoop-dee-fricking-doo. So instead of the 3,240,000KW I'm owed by law, I'll get 720,000KW. Again I was told if I agree to sign on for another year, they'll agree to tax me at the proper rate.

I flushed hot with anger and frustration, but kept my cool pretty much. Jane ended up yelling at me at some point and I just kept looking at her and repeated, calmly, "Stop yelling at me." I told her this offer was unacceptable. I told her I've been patient. I told her I've been thorough in researching the law and what I'm owed. I told her I'd be calling the tax and pension offices and they could fight it all out.

Jane told me I wouldn't win if I fought them. I told her I knew I would. She said it would cost me money to sue, and I told her I have money. I told her I have a father back in Canada who was offering to hire lawyers. (This is true, or at least it was a few weeks ago. He hasn't responded to my e-mail in a couple weeks. This is not unusual. It's doubtful lawyers will have to be involved. The tax and pension offices should be able to take care of this.) Jane wanted to argue some more about what the law is, but I said I didn't want to go back and forth when it's pretty clear. I invited her to make two phone calls and she'd know what's what. She declined.

Me. She. Me. She.

I've been told that the boss will be making calls to the numbers I provided tomorrow. (The same numbers I had in hand four months ago, but she wouldn't take.) Then we'll talk again on Tuesday. And probably I'll be making some calls on Wednesday.

It seems like this week isn't going to start out well for me either. This afternoon I bent to clean the cat's litter box and something in my lower back went POP. It made me scream this weird sound. Now I've got pain spreading around and into my thigh muscles. I can't walk or stand well, and even sitting hurts. I'm going to wake up early and see what's up, and if I'm still all crooked I'll get to the doctor's somehow and get some muscle relaxants. If it turns out I can't work, I'm sure that will be taken as an act of defiance.

Good times!


Kevin said...

Oy gevalt! I'm sorry to hear about all the Sturm und Drang in your life. Hang in there!


Iceberg said...

Chin up, girl!

It's Me, Maven... said...

Good luck with this!