Sunday, February 04, 2007

Square Two

Just so you know, it seems like praying for the unruly students might not be such a great idea. Reed confessed in Monday's class that he thought having Joy pray for him was "crazy." On Tuesday, he quit.

I lost another girl from the middle school class as well (which is a shame, because even though her English was at a terribly low level, I really liked her enthusiasm, and she really seemed to be enjoying my classes.) She scored very poorly on the monthly test Joy administered in Monday's class, but instead of praying for this one, Joy beat the soles of her feet with a stick. (She actually had 2 of the girls climb up onto the desk of their hands and knees so she could hit them!) Joy had told me a few weeks ago that her New Years resolution was to be gentle with the students and not hurt them. I guess that resolution is broken, eh?

Praying for their souls isn't working, let's beat their soles instead!

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