Thursday, March 09, 2006


I hear something in my apartment. What is it? A helicopter? A chainsaw? Ah, no! It's the death rattle of my refrigerator!

I had to have servicemen come and fix it just a few weeks ago, because it was getting louder and louder and wasn't producing cold air. They came one morning, fixed it up, and then left, telling me to plug it back in six hours later. When I got home from work that evening I did turn it back on, and was pleased the great big noise had ceased. Then again, there was no noise at all. I figured maybe the "fridge juice" that makes it cold (and the tiny elves that stir the fridge juice) needed time to warm up - or "cold up" as it were, before the fans kicked in. So I had a nap and looked forward to an icy beverage when I woke up. I was kind of shocked a couple hours later, when I opened the freezer door to find hot air blowing out of the vents! Oh no, the servicemen had converted my fridge to an oven!

Turns out they came back the next morning, opened the back, and flipped a switch the had forgotten to re-set on their previous visit. No problem, and all the contents were salvaged.

The trouble is, my fridge has gone again from a subtle purr of a cat to the roaring of an unhappy beast. A serviceman came out this morning and opened things up, just to shake his head and "tsk tsk" at the insides. It doesn't look good.

Then again, the interior doesn't look good either. Months ago, on of the plastic shelves cracked, and I've done a smash up job mending it with cardboard, a metal ruler and a massive amount of duct tape. Now it's in the form of a gentle "V."

I hope I get a new fridge sorted out soon. I don't want to have to listen to this noise all weekend!

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