Friday, March 17, 2006

Fuh Ri Gee

Father Time is operating a blow-torch behind me. It isn't often that you see a Korean man with a full on beard, let alone a big bushy white one that reaches half-way down his chest. But, yet, here he is fixing my fridge.

Since my last post, two mornings have gone by with nary a fridge repairman visiting my apartment. The first day it was because he was too busy. The 2nd day, it was because of the rain. I don't know why the rain prevented his visit. He doesn't look like he's made out of sugar. (Granted, I haven't tasted him, maybe he is Father Sugar Time.)

Anyways, here's to the thought of an icy cold beer on a Friday night.
Cross your fingers!


hardyandtiny said...

How much did it cost to fix it? Just curious, because in the US it would probably be more than 200.

I had a locksmith repair my lock a few months months back. He came to my house about 10pm and only charged me W10,000....unbelievable!

Jelly said...

This time, the reapir was free because this was a new 2nd hand fridge and it wasn't working properly since they delivered it last Saturday. Previously, guys came to fix my old fridge and they had to replace a part - and that whole thing cost just over W60,000 - which my boss paid. Repairs are so cheap here, eh?