Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dog Day (Afternoon)

I didn't mention it, but much of the time I spent whoring myself out this morning, I also spent playing with dogs.
Yesterday, as the bell signaled the end of one of my classes, some students called me out to the hallway where "ge issoyo" - "Teacha, dog is here."
It was a pretty little dog, with a face like a German shepherd and a body like a corgi, with a tightly coiled tail. What a pretty girl! I then defended the dog from our students attempted kicks and tail pulls, and the taekwondo students assaults. One had gotten the big black beating stick from the taekwondo studio, (we prefer the short hard stick at the English school) and was attempting to jam it forcefully up the dogs nose.
I'm fairly calm generally, but in situations like these, those of you who've read here for a bit will know I tend to lose my mind.
Mind saved, the master called the little white uniformed martial artists into their room, and the bell signaled the start of our next classes. I stayed a few extra moments to scratch and praise this little girl-dog. What a pretty thing!

So, this morning, as I stood handing out notebooks to the incoming students at the elementary school, I noticed a small commotion in the schoolyard. The cute little dog was back, begging attention from the kids. She is such a gentle dog, and when the kids would posture with threatening actions, she would lie down all supplicant, and then chase them (stupidly?) playfully as they left.

She remembered me from the day before and snuggled in for a cuddle on my lap. She followed me to the bank and happily ate the treats I bought for her. She was gone when I finally exited the bank, but had (smartly) returned to our rendez vous and greeted me at the gates to the school. A bit more about this dog in moment.

On the way home from the post office, before the bakery with the fresh baguettes, I stopped in at the pet store. There, in a cage, was a white mom dog with her two pups born just yesterday. She was a nervous wreck, barking and growling at the 3 other sweater clad and ribboned eared dogs who roamed the store's floor and ventured too near her cage. She hated me as well, but I tried to stand statue still so I could marvel at her strange looking puppies, the fatter of the two attached to her barking undercarriage, and the tiny one making pitiful noises on the other side of the cage. I hope the runt makes it.

On the way back to school I saw my bud Barky and Mamadog. I lavished them with treats from the pet store. Mamadog was uncooperative about posing, but here's Barky:
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Maybe it's crazy wishful thinking, but anyone who'd like to adopt that pretty playful shy loving puppy from the schoolyard, I'll get her to you. I'll have her vaccinated and quarantined and ready to go. I know it sounds way over the top, but I'm sincere. I know she'd make a lovely gentle pet in a good home, and if you're compelled to even ask details, please do. Granted, I'm not sure I'll ever see her again, but these things have a way of working out.
Like life.

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