Monday, March 06, 2006

Yo, Oscar!

I watched Cinderella man this weekend, spanning two days - a little bit at a time. Naps kept interrupting me!
I'm not a real fan of boxing, by any means, but this was a really good movie. I found myself with my heart in my chest, physically ducking myself to try to avoid the blows, much like I did in the theatre when I first saw Rocky a long, long time ago. Actually, this movie is very Rocky-ish, with Paul Giamatti's character echoing the screaming gutsy Mickey in Rocky. Actually, Mr. Giamatti is the only actor in the film up for an Oscar, and I've heard he's one of the favourites to win.

The Oscars will be aired here tomorrow morning. Last year, I got up at about 8am. and dozed on and off through the pre-show blah blahs. I watched most of the awards when they started before I had to head off to work.

I just checked the list of nominees, and besides "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," which is up for best costume design, Cinderella Man is the only other film I've seen! Pretty sad, considering I used to make sure I'd seem all the films up for the big categories. I loved Oscar night, and would eat popcorn and snuggle up with a blanket on the couch. I might watch tomorrow morning. I'll set the alarm and see what I feel like when it goes off.

Last year, I asked my brother if he had watched the show, and he replied "Man, I wouldn't watch the Oscars even if it was the only thing playing on a television bolted to my face."
I said, "So, didn't watch it, then?"

**UPDATE: Oh! I just remembered Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars this year. Ok. I'm getting up for sure. I love that man.


John McCrarey said...

Yeah, Cinderella Man was excellent, and I don't like boxing films at all.

The only other nominated film I saw was "Crash" and I highly recommend it.

Jelly said...

I've wanted to see Crash for some time. I understand it's out on DVD back home, but I don't know if it's been released in Korea yet. Do you know? If it has, my crappy little video store doesn't have it yet.