Tuesday, March 07, 2006

An Elephant

I did wake up this morning and started to watch the Academy Awards. When the first category, actor in a supporting role was announced, and Paul Giamatti did NOT win, I snapped off the television. It was obvious the Academy was personally snubbing me by not supporting me in, pretty much, the only nominated film I managed to watch.

I am so over the Academy!

Actually, I was just really tired. Last night (or early this morning, really) I was flipping around the channels and found the second installment of a fantastic show I am loving! I caught the 1st installment at 5am on Sunday morning. Long Way Round is a documentary about actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman traveling from London to New York on motorcycles. It's so interesting and actually very funny! Episode 2 will re-air on Friday morning at 6:00am. - set your VCRs if you're in Korea and can find "Q-channel," (aka "Cheater's channel.) Episode 3 airs Thursday at 8:00pm (though the 1st 2 installments are excellent, you won't be lost jumping on board for #3, they've actually just set out on their journey!) And #3 will be rebroadcast on Sunday morning at 5am. For more information, check out Q-channel's schedule. The show is called "이완 맥그리거의 모터사이클 다이어리."

So, I went back to bed. I opted for sleep instead of the Oscars, and am not unhappy I did. From what I've read, it was quite the snooze fest. One MSN reporter speculated that the audience had been sprayed in valium. It's too bad I missed Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep praising Robert Altman, but of well. I woke up in time to catch the major categories at the end, and to see Charlize Theron looking like she was being attacked by the Big Bow Planet. It was surprising, because she usually looks so fantastic! That's the only fashion comment I have, I did not notice anything else because, to be honest, I don't care. Just that Charlize, and the bow, and the hair,....very noticeable.

Tonight I went to see Brokeback Mountain. I liked it, and I bet I'll like it even more as I think about it. The scenery,....fantastic,...but that's Canada for ya, eh?

I'm tired, so that's about it for tonight.

For those of you wondering, today was Elizabeth's first day back. It wasn't good. The mood in the staffroom was subdued and uncomfortable. There was, really, a huge elephant in the room. She brought everyone gifts. I got a tube of fancy schmancy face cleanser. It was sitting on my desk when I came in, and it made me feel weird, though I did thank her for it. She greeted me with a "long time no see," which immediately made me flash on the last time I saw her, which made me feel weirder.

I didn't know what to say all day, and so I busied myself and basically said nothing. As a friend, I'm failing, but I don't know what to do about it. More tomorrow.

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