Sunday, March 26, 2006


At various times in my life I have felt pretty lonesome. Then I send a shout out to the universe, wishing I could meet someone to keep me company. I've learned that I should stifle these wishes, because the universe inevitably sends me cats!

Standing in my mother's backyard during a blizzard a few years ago, I heard this pitiful mewing sound. Suddenly a little ball of black fur, caked in snow, appeared and dug her claws into my shin, wanting "up."

And so I took her in and she became my Mattie-cat. Since I left Canada, though, she is definitely my mother's Mattie-cat now. My mother was the one who actually named her, saying it was a suitable name because she likes to lie on all the mats and her puffy fur gets matted if she's not brushed all the time.

Here she is, hogging all the T.P.
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It'll be interesting to see how she gets along with Kamikaze when they meet this summer. I wonder if she'll share her roll!

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sher said...

Oh, what a beauty. LOL!! Share her TP? Yes, that will be interesting. I also have a long haired cat and she gets mats in her hair if you don't comb her each day. Luckily, she enjoys it.

Riana said...

Adorable! Why buy cat toys when TP is always around?

stacey said...

Ha! And so paranoid to be found out! Is there cat nip in that TP??? I think my fav cat toy is the piece of cardboard at the end of a wire for $5! Or how about my plants...

Clare Eats said...

What a cutie, does she destroy the rolls?

Kristi said...

awww... she's adorable, and what a sweet rescue story. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

Jelly said...

Hi everyone!
Yes, Clare. She destoys the rolls. This picture was taken in her initial "I love you, toilet paper" phase. Quickly, though, she develops a great dislike for the toilet paper and uses her back claws to shred it to bits.
My mom has to keep the bathroom door closed all the time, because if Mattie's left alone for any amount of time, my mother returns to a billowy shredded mess all over the house!