Monday, March 13, 2006

I Got a Stupid Fridge

It's not good. I poured water into the ice trays to make me some cubes, and they're still not solid, 36 hours later. In fact, everything that was frozen is now thawing and I'm going to have to eat it all. So, for breakfast I'm going to have spaghetti sauce, curry, 3 chicken breasts, ground pork, mandu, fish, 2 bags of shrimp, a big pack of bologna, and 3 trays of half frozen water.

Also, one of the legs is missing. I pulled the fridge away from the wall - it shouldn't be snuggled up close, and discovered how unbalanced it is. It rocks every time I close it, and startles me.

Stupid fridge.

Although it's very quiet, it hasn't stopped running since I plugged it in. I've read online that it's much more energy efficient to buy a new fridge than a second hand one. The money saved in electricity bills will well make up for the cost of a new model. I'm not sure my boss will really care about this fact when I mention it tomorrow, as I'm the one paying the electricity bill. Regardless, I guess I'll have to have a new fridge sometime this week.

In other news, Kevin is a big mean ogre. My cat hates him, and so should you.


Kevin said...

Your cat's hatred sustains me. Without it, I would be a mere wraith.


Jelly said...

I had to look up wraith, Professor McSmartypants! Thanks fer learnin me a new word!

captain_howdy_girl said...

evil stupid fridge!