Friday, March 03, 2006

This Morning

How'd it go? It was WHOREY.
I feel dirty.
The alarm went off at 7:15 this morning and I discovered I drool heavily around that time. Who knew?! I'm not normally awake for the drooling. I got up out of bed, scarfed a bowl of mushroom soup with barley I'd had the forethought to but in a pot on the stove the night before, and jumped in the shower.
No skirt, no make-up, and definitely no contacts this morning. My eyes were pink in the mirror. It looked as if they were going to need some good rubbing.
Out the door by 7:45, I walked briskly to my meeting place. I had to get the whoring started. Yah baby!

The first wave was easy. Kids came to school in bunches for about a half hour or more. I said many hellos. I got many stares. I smiled a lot. I knew school had started because the loud speakers outside blared some sing-song "tra la la" time to study song.

Then I walked up to my bank where the teller was definitely not pleased when I plunked my large can of coins on the counter. She looked annoyed, rolled her eyes, and commented to the teller beside her. She was all hesitant to touch my money, "Ahem, excuse me ma'am, we're a bank we don't handle coins." If she had the English words, I think she would have refused to serve me. If I had the Korean words I would have told her to wipe that look off her face, and do her fucking job! There was no doubt about her attitude when she curtly told me "anja," and gestured to the benches. I looked at her all innocently, and said, "anjuseyo?" (the polite form) and she blushed and softened.

With 94,000 won in my back pocket, I headed back toward the school and was surprised to find my spot filled with other whores!
Moms were accompanying their kids to their 1st day of elementary school, and about 10 more women, almost all dressed in black with white gloves and tight ajumma perms, had appeared with flyers and piggy banks and candy to hand out to the moms. There were 2 other English schools represented as well as art, music, and taekwondo academies.

It was shameless. They swarmed the moms like pirranhas on a wounded cow.
I hung back, still smiling, but feeling dirtier and dirtier.
Wham bam, it was all over in about another half hour.

Part of the experience was redeemed a few minutes later, while passing a bakery on the way to the post office I saw them putting out just-baked baguettes. Steaming hot, they smelled delicious, and I just enjoyed half a loaf with a fresh cup of French-pressed coffee as I pretended to be in Paris.

Now I'm putting myself down for a nap before I head back to work. But I still feel like I need 10 showers.

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