Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It SO Feels Like Friday

But it's snot.
I don't have a cold, I'm just kidding.

Today at school we had Speech Contest Day. None of those links are in chronological order, but oh well. We always have speech contests on Friday, and the kids are always forewarned. Today, we changed it up, and the kids didn't know when they arrived it was going to be speech contest day. It made for a charged environment.

Since we were one teacher short, and the boss is more swamped than I've ever seen her the whole affair was left to the supervision of Judy and I. And our keyword was "streeeeeeetch," so their little speeches would fill up the whole class period. Horseplay was quite tolerated.

Today, I was manned with a stick. To hit the kids.
And hit them I DID, I bashed their little heads in!
Nobody should give me a stick. People get hurt. Brains get smashed.

I'm joking.

Mostly, I played the game of defending "Jelly-Space" which was an invisible line I'd drawn on the floor. Kids who weren't reading their speeches nudged their feet into Jelly-Space and I threatened to attack, and whacked the floor viciously when I was sure I was going to miss them. It was fun, but kind of like a dog who keeps bringing back the stick and wants to keep playing long after you've tired of the silly game.

I also beat a boy who had on a massive yellow down filled coat. He looked like a Lemon Michelin Man. I taught everyone the word "puffy." As I whacked him I'd say "his coat is puffy." Then, tapping another kid's coat, "her coat is not puffy." Back to thwacking the yellow coat, "Very puffy." He couldn't feel a thing. On the back of his neck, where he was protected by his coat and a double layer of hood, I could hit him as hard as I was able to, and he couldn't feel a thing. It was funny.

Almost always, I like kids. I think sometimes I prefer them over adults. There's so much less complications in ensuring their happiness.

So, with having speeches today, and tomorrow being a holiday, it totally felt like Friday. So much so, I inadvertently wished my boss, "Have a good weekend." She corrected me, and we laughed. I said, "It feels so much like Friday, maybe I'll make a mistake and not come to work on Thursday!"

I meant it as a joke, but realized, with what happened last Thursday, it wasn't so funny.

Today was cold and overcast. As the sun started to set, it started to rain. And then it started to snow, kind of. Big wet globs of wet slush fell from the sky. I stood transfixed, watching it plummet toward the street lights, thinking about how it could be so miserable and beautiful at the same time.

I hope it rains or sleets tomorrow. The best sleeps are ones set to grey cold skies.

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Kirk said...

Happy Friday to you Jenn - or maybe TGIF!!! LOL!