Sunday, March 26, 2006


I seem to have a theme going on here: Steam, Blister, Fire!

Tonight I had just finished off a conversation with me friend in Japan, and a smell filled my apartment. It was foul. I looked over the edge of my balcony, and there was smoke seeping out of an apartment two floors below.

I called my boss, who didn't have the building management's number, but said she would try to find it. In the meantime, I ran downstairs to the office and found it locked, even though the lights were on. Back upstairs, I called my boss again and told her I would knock on the door with the smoke pouring out. I did. No answer.

Back up to my apartment and looking off my balcony, there was even more smoke coming out of the apartment. I called my boss back and she called 1-1-9 (the Korean equivalent of 9-1-1.)

Two ladder trucks, a supervisor's truck, an ambulance and a police car later, everything seems ok. A fireman ended up repelling from the 3rd floor balcony into the smokey 2nd floor apartment. Something was smoldering, and I gather it was easy to extinguish. Better safe than sorry, once again.

I love it when all turns out well, but I wonder why I'm in the middle of these dramas. I'd rather my nail broke is the drama of the week rather than anything else. Maybe tomorrow or Monday I'll tell you about the stupidest drama I was ever in! Stay tuned!

**UPDATE: Or maybe I won't! I will someday, when the mood strikes me, or when 10 people beg me to.


captain_howdy_girl said...

119? You just have to be different don't you?

Patrick said...

My life is so boring. Nothing exciting like a fire happens to me. I'm so jealous!