Saturday, March 18, 2006

They All Want to Steal My Pot of Gold

My fridge is working well! Thanks for asking. It's super cold, and I am enjoying an icy glass of diet coke. Yummers.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, otherwise known as "Friday" in Korea. I had sort of forgotten about it until the end of the day at work, and then I mentioned it to my co-workers. "Did you know that if you aren't wearing green, I get to pinch you all?" I asked.
I approached them with pinchy fingers.
"You're not wearing green," my boss pointed out.
"Uhhhh," I looked down and sure enough, I was not. "My underwear is green."
"Let me see," my boss demanded.
"Jeeze, why do I have to remind you every day that it makes me uncomfortable when you ask to see my underwear? Cut it out, ya big lez."

I started approaching again with crab-hands.
"My underwear is green too!" my boss exclaimed.
"Mine too," said co-worker one.
"So are mine," said co-worker two.

I wasn't going to ask to see them, because I know they all want to show me.
I know they all want to turn the staffroom after work into a panty party.
I'm not having it.

Anyhow, how was your St. Patrick's Day?

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