Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Got a New Fridge

Because my old one had stopped making a huge noise, but had also stopped making cold!

I set my alarm to get up and empty the contents into bags, and the guys delivered the new beast and took away the old one. The new fridge is bigger and definitely cleaner, though it's 2nd hand, too. It was fun reloading it and grouping food types together, dairy cohabitating, meat in the corner, vegetables all hanging out in the bottom crisper. I hadn't been able to use the crisper in my old fridge in almost a year, since the top of it was caved in and it was too much hassle to try to open it.

I just plugged it in and hope it works. I had to wait a couple hours after the guys delivered it to power it up. It's quiet. It's good. I hope it's cold!

**UPDATE: I've begun to get suspicious of my new fridge. It's TOO quiet. I keep asking it "What are you doing? Are you chilling out? Why are you just sitting there all quiet and looking at me? What do you WANT, you bastard?"

In emptying out the contents of the old fridge, I also threw out a bunch of food that had been languishing inside for way too long. I threw out some "chocco pies" and "pocky sticks" the last teacher had left in the freezer. The expiration date on the chocco pies was August, 2003. I found some things that were so mouldy they would have been unidentifiable, were it not for their containers giving them away. A container of pineapple cream cheese had turned to dust, and I didn't think that was possible! Things that were liquidy were flushed down the toilet.

About an hour later, I went to the washroom to take a pee. I stepped over Kamikaze who was lying in the doorway, and quickly turned around to sit upon mine royal throne. When I got up and turned to flush, I damned near had a heart attack, until I remembered the mass at the bottom of the bowl was 3/4 of a jar of mouldy strawberry jam, and not something that had fallen out of me. *Whew!*


Kevin said...

I love this post.


John McCrarey said...

Hilarious....and yeah, I am sure Kevin would find this to his liking...

It's Me, Maven... said...

Great visual! I do the same thing... I especially love flushing liquidy chili:)

I bet that jam/jelly looked like bits of liver or spleen:)