Tuesday, March 07, 2006


As I was watching the Oscars and saw Dustin Hoffman presenting I was reminded how much I like that man. I was wondering what sort of father he might be, and then I got to thinking about stuff.

I have a question - if you could assemble a Hollywood family for yourself, who would you cast? Feel free to be specific - like "I'd like Robin Williams in 'Good Will Hunting,' as opposed to 'One Hour Photo.'" Or maybe you just feel like Dolly Parton might make a good mom for some reason. Who would be your brother and sister? Grandma? Grandpa?

C'mon, tell me.

Also, what's your favourite way to cook and eat an egg? (I had a spinach salad tonight with a poached egg, and it made me wonder why I bother to cook eggs any other way!)


captain_howdy_girl said...

I used to think dustin was cute, then I saw midnight cowboy

me said...

no idea on the family deal.
however--i like my eggs different ways depending on the occasion.
hungover: nothing is better than a fried (med) egg on wheat toast with some pepper jack cheese and grape jelly on wheat toast.
with fried potatoes: poached all the way.
on a salad: hard boiled (duh)
scrambled: ONLY in a breakfast burrito and they better not be "wet" at all. ick
just my 2 cents